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Forum Rules !

on Thu Dec 28, 2017 4:30 pm
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Welcome, registering in this forum means that you agree with those rules:

Forum Rules

1. Do not post in a report/unban appeal under ANY circumstances, unless directly involved;
2. No Double Posting;
3. No adverts;
4. No Insulting(flaming) or annoying;
5. No bumping old topics;
6. No off-section posting;
7. No trolling;
8. No impostering other players;
9. Do not post on what you don't understand;
10. No giving false information;
11. No lying;
12. No pornographic content under ANY condition;
13. No racism, neither in jokes or straight forward;
14. Do not post content that may be offensive to a user;
15. Do not post copyrighted material;
16. No foreign languages will be spoken outside of the NON ENGLISH BOARD;
17. Do not post pirated content;
18. Do not post links that lead to pirated content directly or indirectly (torrents etc are not allowed if leading to pirated content) ;
19. Attachments should be provided with a virus scan log (see http://virustotal.com);
20. No spamming; Do not post "+1", "GL", or any other useless posts outside the spam board.
21. Do not use the shoutbox to advertise your cars/houses, instead use the advert forum;
22. Do not post any forum topic link on the shoutbox, this is also advertise (rule #21);
23. Signatures restrictions
a. The maximum size of image on a signature is 765x160 px
b. You just can use one image on a signature.
c. The total height of the signature (including text and images) cant be higher than 200px.


- Warning
- Mute
- Decrease the post count
- Temporary Ban
- Permanent Ban
- Loss of respect
- Loss of dignity

An high amount of warnings will end up in a temporaly ban.

Always use your mind.. If you dont have one, dont post in this forum.

The staff team keeps the right to change/add/remove those rules when ever they want.
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