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on Thu Dec 28, 2017 3:16 pm
Hello there,

If you would like to become part of the SANR staff team, feel free to post a staff apply.
We just hope that in case you apply, you remember that we will not accept all applications immediately.

A long period can pass before we actually accept any application, we also ask you to just sit calm, and forget about your application until the day arises that we actually invite you.

BUT, we'll reject your application in three cases:
- Copying from another application
- Asking for check your application
- Have less than 50 hours

WARNING: Posting in other people's staff applications will result in a warning point.

Application form:

   SANR Staff Application form: Version 1
   -Personal info-
   Ingame nick name:
   Account name:
   Real name:
   First Language:
   Other Languages:
   English Skill:

   Write here why we should accept you,
   why you are good for the server,
   write anything you may think will increase your chance.

   This part will largely influence your chance at becoming staff!
   Don't think you can just write 20 words and get accepted!

   This area is used for you to show off your current skills
   (Put links to pictures/things YOU have designed in the past)
   (Show your past Lua work, this can be in form of videos, screenshots, anything)
   Video Editing:
   (Put links to your youtube videos that YOU made here to show off your video editing skills)
   (Show any other skills that you have that might be beneficial to SANR)

   Past bans (Include duration and reason):
   Past SANR clans you were in:
   Other servers you play:
   Previous staff experience (Include server name, rank, and any other info):

   Is there anything you would like us to know about you,
   which could potentially influence your chance at becoming staff?
   Please write that here

Good luck!
SANR Staff team.
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