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[READ FIRST] How to report a player!

on Thu Dec 28, 2017 3:03 pm
How to report a player!

Dear reader,

          Hello, if you are here this means you are wanting to report a player, here you will find the format and rules you must follow in order to report a player.
Firstly, you must make a new topic by pressing the “Start new topic” button.
The title of the topic must contain the reported player and the reason.
Example: “Reporting Lumia - Reason: Insulting/Flaming”


  • Your report should contain a screenshot of the reported player’s F2>Info, this way we can get the reported player’s account name so they can receive their punishment ASAP.

    If you are unable to take a screenshot, provide us with as much information on the reported player as you can.
  • You are only allowed to post in other topics if YOU yourself are involved in the situation, breaking this rule will result in a warning point and your post being hidden.
  • No starting arguments over reports; doing so could result in a warning point.
  • Before posting your report, be sure that the player you are reporting actually BROKE a rule. A complete list of rules can be viewed via F3>Rules in-game.

Please make sure to read it all carefully,

Good luck!
Yours faithfully,

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