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[READ FIRST] Ban appeal format and rules!

on Thu Dec 28, 2017 2:56 pm
Ban appeal format and rules!

Dear reader, 
This topic should give a clear overview of what we expect from you in order to appeal your ban. Both the rules related to ban appeals and some guidelines to increase your chances of getting unbanned can be found here. Please read them carefully before appealing your ban.
When can you appeal your ban?:

  • Your ban must have a duration of at least 7 days.
  • You can only appeal when you have waited at least half of your time. (example, a 30 days ban can be appealed after 15 days)
  • In case you consider your ban unfair, regarding the total ban or the duration, you can ban appeal one time. This requires another format shown below. Ban manager and the staff who banned you will check this appeal and come to a conclusion. In case we consider it invalid, you will have to follow the regular rules regarding ban appeals(shown above). 

Other important Rules:

  • If your ban appeal got rejected you can appeal after 1 weeks or (told by staff otherwise)
  • You don't have to make a ban appeal every 1 weeks exactly because that can give us a bad image about you and proves that you are not patient.
  • Do not use unacceptable and lame reasons such as (I didn't do anything, It was my brother, my friend played with my account, my friend broke the rules not me) all those reasons unacceptable and your ban appeal will get rejected directly, because your account and your serial are your own responsibility.
  • If you post your ban appeal topic and double post in your ban topic with such comments like (Any answer please, please give me a second chance) your appeal will be counted as rejected.
  • When you make a ban appeal be patient, If you complain and dislike about your appeal not being checked when it was posted less than 24 hours and nobody checked it, we will just reject your ban appeal.
  • Make sure you follow the correct format (listed below).
  • Use proper English, find a translator if you feel like you have to because proper English can help you to explain what happened exactly.
  • Do not reply in somebody else ban appeal unless you're directly involved.
  • Keep your ban appeal formal, so do not go around adding weird smileys or making it look unformal. 
  • When you write your account name in the ban appeal format you should write it how it is actually spelled, because case sensitive and it might cause a problem, also don't write your serial lower because it might make a problem if we will unban you.
  • If you're making a ban appeal for your friend from your forum account, you will take full responsibility of any false information you provide us so you have to be careful about what you're posting we did this rule because many people think they can bluff us with some bullshit and they think it can give them a chance, so you have to be careful with what you write.

Not following these rules can result in warning points, rejected ban appeal or an extended ban.
Regular ban appeal format:
Your ban appeal topic title must be like this Unban report - Yourname - Name of the staff who banned you.
Example: Unban report - Tidoy - SANR|YoLoChris

NOTE: Make sure to describe as good as possible why we should decrease your duration or unban you. In case it is not well described your argument will be considered invalid and thereby your appeal will be denied.

Please make sure to read it all carefully to prevent rejected appeals,
Good luck!
Yours faithfully,

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